Like most everyone, Brave Horatio has evolved. Ideas came to us as we travelled or tinkered, or dreamed and we made some reality. So far they’ve all made camping in Brave Horatio better.

Netting, padeyes, hooks, and elastic cording

Brave Horatio has surprisingly spacious cabin storage. Bill and I each have our own cupboard and each includes a moveable shelf. They work great for shirts, and shorts, and slacks. I wanted to use the unused space above my shirts to store undies and socks.

Brave Horatio came with some netting under the center pull-out shelf. It’s nice for storing our cell phones and chargers. The netting has pretty large holes though. We bought some non-stretchy cargo netting with much smaller holes at a local fabric store, small elastic cord at West Marine and padeyes and hooks online at xxxx and i made small hammocks for undies and socks. Bill’s is attached to the bottom of his cupboard shelf. I moved mine outside the cupboard. It’s attached directly under the cupboard, still comfortably above my sleeping legs.

I also made a small net pouch we attached to the sidewall of my cupboard. It holds my comb, some bandages, snore strips and other essentials.

Wine glass racks and super cool magnets

Like the cabin, Brave Horatio’s galley is surprisingly spacious. We were pleasantly surprised with how easily our cooking supplies, washtub, and dishes fit.

We had a six acrylic wine glasses that used to live in a picnic basket. Bill fitted two metal wine glass holders to the top of the galley’s right-hand cupboard. Each holds three glasses nicely.

Our plates, mugs, and bowls are metal. Bill had the brilliant idea of using magnets to keep them still while we’re towing Brave Horatio. It works great! We ordered the magnets from Lee Valley. If you’ve never browsed their physical or online store, you’re in for a treat. Lee Valley is one of our favorite places to dream. They have woodworking and garden tools, twisted tin icicles for your Christmas tree, beautiful kitchen equipment, booklets on making maple syrup and so much more.

The magnets were pre-drilled with a center hole, which made installing them simple. Now three mugs hang from the top of the right-hand cabinet and three are stuck to magnets fastened to the shelf–they look a bit like stalagmites and stalagtites and they stay put during transit.

The best utensil drawer ever

The best utensil drawer ever is the flatware drawer in my kitchen. The next best is the one in Brave Horatio. Bill is an attorney, and he likes to spend some of his leisure hours creating beautiful tangible things from wood. Our kitchen cabinets are his creation. He made custom inserts for our flatware drawer. It is super deep and has full extension slides. All our flatware lives happily in this drawer. Each in it’s own space. There’s room for cheese knives and spreaders, small spoons, serving utensils and more. It’s pretty fabulous.

Bill created a similar space inside Brave Horatio’s galley drawer. We carry dining supplies for six. The drawer comfortably holds forks, spoons, knives, food prep and serving utensils each in their own space. Nothing gets jumbled together when we’re on a bumpy road. It all stays in place. I especially like the slanted space at the back of the drawer. This design allows our spatula and ladle enough room.