Introducing Freya

LuluBelle is my favorite, favorite vehicle. She’s sassy and sweet. I’ve loved her since we brought her home. She’s also getting older (like me) and louder (like me). Bill was worried she’d have a major breakdown when we were far from cell service (he probably worries about me too).

After discussing it for a couple years and a lot of research on Bill’s part, we zeroed in on a replacement rig. Bill designed a pretty cool spreadsheet to capture each of our likes and dislikes along with each candidate vehicles specs. It helped a lot.

We were a couple months into Covid19 and getting a little stir-crazy. A statewide stay-at-home is an odd time to purchase a vehicle, but we did.

We negotiated via email, but our acutal time in the showroom was still about 4 hours. Way too long, but the folks were nice.

We chose a Honda Passport for the towing capacity, reliability, features that matched our list and relative smallness. She’s a bigger girl than little LuluBelle, but not gargantuan. She also has black wheels.

I don’t like black wheels. They look militaristic, something I most definitely am not.

She’s comfy though and great to drive. I decided she’s just a strong, strong woman.


I think we’ll adventure together for many years.

(LuluBelle is still in the family and I have visiting rights.)

Update, early 2021, after skittering on rain soaked pavement one too many times (one time was one too many) we swapped out Freya’s wheels and tires for more grip. Had to swap wheels in order to have a reasonable selection of tires. Ugh! But now we’re safe.)

One thought on “Introducing Freya”

  1. LuluBelle has come out since last you were together and now identifies as male (he/his/him).
    He now goes by Duj Doq (say “dooj doke”) which means “red vessel/ship” in the Klingon language. He’s currently docked in a hanger bay at a spaceport getting a tune up and some additional work done to improve performance. While it’ll never work like an actual cloaking device, he should be a little bit less detectable on long range sensors. Oooh boy, is he a wonderful ship!

    We are both eager to bravely face any challenges that come our way! Qapla’!

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