When is a road not a road?

Starting the day with another paddle to the islets

This time we stayed closer to shore. Perfect weather, perfect paddle.

I decided to try my hand at cairn building.

And enjoyed the cairns of others.

Afternoon scramble toward Irish and Taylor Lakes

We explored the roads around Waldo and found an opening in the forest with a signpost saying it was a road. We looked at it for awhile before following the arrows.

Doesn’t it look like you can drive to Irish and Taylor Lakes?

What a change of pace. From placid, peaceful, cool, lake to dusty, dry, rugged not-quite-a-road through an old burn.

We’re not offroaders…but this was, ostensibly, a road and we thought there was another lake about 8 miles down it. Tally ho!

At least an hour in we’d covered maybe three miles and realized that we had very little water, no tools, and no cell phone coverage.

We gingerly turned around, hiked a bit, and made our slow, bumpy, way back to the gravel. Bill and LuluBelle are an awesome team.

Smoother roads up the pass

We found another, much smoother, dirt road. Wide and empty with occasional potholes and rocks. Eventually it hooked into the highway and we made a big circle back to camp.