Camp Dewatto Weekend

We have marvelous friends. So many marvelous friends.

Bubbles through the Camp Dewatto forest

Mark and Jess invited us to join them at Camp Dewatto and we were pleasantly surprised to find Julie, Doc, and Marsha there that weekend too.

We drove up on Friday evening, tried and failed to find milkshakes along the way, and arrived just in time for cocktails.

Saturday was hot. Really hot. Doc played early morning guitar by the clubhouse. Jess and I walked down by the creek. Then everyone else played music in the shade while I picked salal berries.

After naps we headed to a bar in Belfair looking for air conditioning and an audience (we called first). They welcomed us and we spent several lovely hours singing and playing for some really nice folks. One guy left and brought back his wife!

Salmon, herbed rice, shrimp, ribs and salad…with my not-so-great salal sauce on the side–I added too much honey.

We drank our Sunday morning coffee to Jess playing whistle in the tea/tree house–it’s great to have a soundtrack to your morning.

A Sunday walk around a nearby Boy Scout Camp that has seen better days and apparently will again, and home we went.

Relaxing and lovely. Thanks Camp Dewatto!