Parking with the big boys

We squashed this trip in between Pinniped gigs and work commitments. It was great, but too, too short. Monday morning we opted to skip breakfast in camp. We made coffee, packed, and hooked up for a driving tour of the island on our way back to the ferry. Sipping coffee and munching energy bars.

I enjoyed the farmland at the center of the island and the surprising number of lakes. Didn’t find a honey stand though. So sad.

We putzed around a cooking store and a gift shop while Brave Horatio waited patiently in line for the boat.

Lulubelle, Brave Horatio, and a much bigger mate.

We found a bakery/restaurant near the ferry dock that almost made this Celiac weep. I can’t eat wheat, but I do love the aromas.

The Cheesecake Cafe and Bakery has baked goods I’d pay just to smell, some yummy gluten-free treats, and my custom next time I’m on island. (Their breakfast menu looked good, but we were full of energy bars.)

We enjoyed their gluten free cheesecake later in the day.

The ride back to Anacortes was gorgeous. Sunny and warm. We didn’t see much wildlife, but Mt. Baker really popped.

Mt. Baker from the ferry

Back in Anacortes we found Dad’s Diner, a fun lunch spot with friendly staff and great food. And bonus, very knowledgeable about the needs of celiac dining!

South we went on I-5, eating cheesecake, talking about the people we’d met and the things we’d seen, writing postcards to niblings, and discussing future plans. We’ll definitely watch whales with Maya’s Legacy again and use San Juan County Park as our base.