Redwood Highway to Medford

Creepies, crawlies, and other delights

Yep, all that happened and an amazing tour of the Siskiyou Smokejumper Base Museum as well. We pulled in and thought it might be closed. We stretched our legs looking at the planes in the field. As we walked toward the buildings a man came out. So friendly, so knowlegeable.

Siskiyou Smokejumper Base Museum

He had been a jumper from this base for over ten years (transferring to Alaska when it closed down). I wish I remembered his name. I’ve never had such an interesting and thorough tour anywhere.

The museum itself has an unique history. When the base was decommissioned, smokejumpers began lobbying congress so it wouldn’t be destroyed. Ten years of constant lobbying later, they got the right to make a museum. So their families and friends joined them at the site to refurbish buildings. They brought their equipment and photos. Cool.

We saw the very sturdy sewing machines in both rooms–the beginner’s room where young men learned to sew and made stuff that lives did not depend on and the advanced room where you sewed jumpsuits and other life-dependent gear–and only after many years in the first room.

A couple chutes where stretched out on tables and more hung in the drying shed. There were amazing photos.

This museum is free–we left a large donation. So worth it. We’ll stop there again and bring others.

Taylor’s Meat, Cave Junction

Whenever we’re by this way we stop at Taylor’s. We try to time it for lunch.

We bought great big beautiful milkshakes and the usual assortment of jerky and sausage. Mark and Jess enjoyed it too.

Schmidt Family Winery, Applegate Valley

We met Jo and Bruce at the Schmidt Family Winery for an ad hoc dinner. Schmidt wine, Schmidt cheese and olive plates, a Schmidt pizza, some Taylor meat, and camping apples.

As often happens, there was live music. Nice!

Schmidt Family Vineyards is a marvelous place to spend a lazy music filled evening

Meandering to Medford

Shakedown Cruise, Day 7, crab, rum, and sleeping in a house

This vacation is working—I’m starting to forget the date and day of the week.

We packed up quick and breakfasted on fruit and cashew clusters in the car.

On to Medford!

We were in Brookings by nine and had to wait for the crab boiler to get up to temp before we could purchase crab. We dinked around for 40 minutes and continued south richer by four Dungeness.

Stopped at All Star Liquors to buy ‘drop warming rum for Jess and Mark’s new teardrop and scotch for Brave Horatio’s larder.

Dove through Jedediah Smith Campground to check out campsites in anticipation of a future two-teardrop trip. Loved all the 50s on the river side. Decided to try for 59 and 60 on a summer trip with Jess and Mark.

The weather stayed nice and the Redwood Highway was as gorgeous as ever. We got to Bruce and Jo’s around lunch.

House beds from here on. I appreciate the showers, but miss my Brave Horatio nest.