Solo endeavors and communal songs

Moved the rock to the top of the rocky scramble. Feeling good about my strategy. Picked up some smaller rocks for Kari. I think they might reappear as necklaces.

Ran into Crescent City for gas. Happy to be back in the woods full of bacon and eggs and polenta.

We walked the Simpson Reed Grove, drove the little road until it ended in a boat launch sand bar, and hiked the Myrtle Creek Trail into the botanical area.

Simpson Reed Grove

Myrtle Creek Botanical Trail

I really liked this trail. It follows the course of a mining ditch up the hill. There are interpretive signs about the vegetation and mining. We tossed pebbles into a mine shaft filled with water. It took a satisfyingly long moment for them to plop. The maintained trail stops at a little myrtle creek beach and the looser trail continues onward.

Singing and bed preceded by tuna poke!