Washboard wanderings

South Steens Loop is washboard. Miles of washboard. Faster speeds smooth it out.

We saw 39 of the South Steens horses today!

The first group was less than a mile from the turnoff onto South Steens Loop.

Watching us warily
This group crossed the road in front of us. Seven horses, including cremellos.

Crossing the Blitzen River moved us out of horse country

The scenery is gorgeous and changes dramatically around every turn. Amazing.

The Riddle Brothers built their ranch in the most beautiful valley ever

Just before the South Steens Campground is the turnoff to the Riddle Brothers Ranch. If you’re ever in the area, take this turn. You can drive to the gate every day and beyond it to the ranch house Wednesday through Sunday. It was Tuesday, so we walked in to the spectacularly beautiful valley. A gap in the Steens frames the backside. A stream runs through it. Gorgeous.

One of the informational signs on the gate included a picture of the Riddle Brothers and some guests. How did anyone even know where they were? How did they get here to visit? I think it would take several days on horses. This beautiful spot is remote, remote, remote.

Gorgeous gorges


So MUCH wind at the summit. I kept trying to unlock my door, then realized it was unlocked. The wind was holding it closed.

We decided not to get out of the car. The walk to the actual summit will have to wait for a return trip. I could not even imagine being on the brink of the escarpment in that wind.

What a Wonderful World

We’ve been singing “What a Wonderful World” every evening since March 29. It’s my way of reassuring myself amidst the pandemic. We always sing outdoors, usually from our front porch (sometimes our neighbors come out to wave). This is day 198.

The last couple nights, I’ve walked down to the river and sang solo to the dark. Tonight Bill joined me and our singing spot was near the campfire.

It is truly a WONDERFUL WORLD!