Intruder in the night

Sleep-over in Ocean Shores

‘Cause we’re Curlew’s Call groupies

Had lunch at State & Central with James then hooked up Brave Horatio and drove through streaming rain to Ocean Shores.

The campsite was a puddle — a huge, deep puddle that flooded the fire ring, picnic table, and part of the parking spot. We were just sleeping over—no campfire, no cooking—and we had Brave Horatio, so it was just fine.

Teardrops in the mist

We watched Julie, Jess, and Mark as Curlew’s Call at the Galway Bay Pub until midnight. Good food, good drinks, good music, good friends.

Slept well and had a dry trip home.

BUT—oh yes—the intruder in the night…

As I was trying to ignore my bladder and go back to sleep, I heard someone fiddling with the tongue of the trailer. What the hell? I woke right up. I nudged Bill and whispered “shhhh!”

“Uuuaaaaawgh!” was his very loud reply.

I’d thought we could quietly make a plan as some crazy person pulled us along by hand down the park road.

Apparently not.

Two more tries yielded no better results.

Nothing for it. I was on my own.

When more odd noises began beside my door, I opened it and shone my flashlight around.

Glowing orange eyes stared back but did not give an inch of ground. That raccoon was not leaving his prize—the paper bag that earlier held our muffin treats.

My rubbermaid tub, the one the bag had been in, was floating in the middle of our campsite puddle like a crazy boat. Lesson learned. Those tubs are definitely not critter proof. From now on, they’ll only keep my shoes dry.

Finally the raccoon left, I peed and retrieved my floating shoe tub.

In the morning I waded back in and rescued the soggy muffin bag.

Lesson learned.