Messing with marshmallows

Shakedown Cruise, day 1–Pickup in Eugene/camping in Bandon

So excited to pick up Brave Horatio. We spent Friday night at Amy and Dave’s in Portland, got up early, had breakfast with Lin and Arthur at the Sunrise Café in Eugene and met Brave Horatio at Sawyer and Jon’s at eleven.

One cashier’s check, lots of nice discussion, and some angle grinding later we were off to Bullard’s State Park just north of Bandon. We stopped at my folks to check on dad’s convalescence, made and shared spaghetti, then drove to A-loop to set up camp.

Jon used his angle grinder to modify LuLuBelle’s odd hitch.

It was raining a little. Not a problem.

We put on raincoats and unpacked. It was a little like playing house—finding the best, or at least a reasonable spot for each item.

There was a surprising amount of space.

There is more than enough room in Brave Horatio’s galley to store tableware for 6 (including wine glasses), ample cookware and food. The counter hatch leads to a ton of under counter space.

We made the bed with our lovely new Pendleton blanket—Raven and the Box of Knowledge, based on a work by Preston Singletary, and a fluffy down comforter. All the fancy dining stuff found homes and the food had plenty of room down under the hatch.


We celebrated with a glass of Happy Camper Red provided by Sarah and Erik. While we sipped by the fire we tried to figure out where to hang their sign.

This sign started here, migrated to the middle of the utensil drawer, and now lives on the inside of the galley hatch cover.

I began my quest to roast marshmallow whip coated something in the campfire. The whip was too cold. I persevered, molding stiff marshmallow whip around a vertically sliced banana and hershey bar sandwich, jamming it toward the coals, and twirling in a fruitless ☺ effort to keep the whip on the fruit. What looked so easy on the Martha Stewart webpage turned out to be a gloopy, gloppy mess. Fun though.

We slept well. Warm, quiet, snug.