The name

Brave Horatio on pick-up day at Oregon Trail’r. I think that’s a TerraDrop in the background.

I named Brave Horatio partway into our not-yet-decision to buy a teardrop, but I didn’t tell anyone. I finally admitted to Bill that I thought of our trailer as Brave Horatio after we’d decided on a FronTear, but before we placed our order. Choosing Oregon Trail’r to build our teardrop confirmed it as the perfect name.

One of my favorite books is The Singing Creek Where the Willows Grow. The controversy about the authenticity of Opal Whiteley‘s diary doesn’t concern me. The thing itself is quirky, charming, joyful, and utterly unique. I like to lose myself in Opal’s world joining Peter Paul Reubens (a pig), Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus (a woodrat), Felix Mendhelssohn (a mouse) and her faithful, ever present dog, Brave Horatius.

Wherever Opal goes, Brave Horatius always follows after.

I have a crap memory. (My natal family accuses me of making stuff up, but it’s really my crap memory combined with our boring past. I don’t make it up, I make it better.) When I talked or thought about the book, Brave Horatius morphed into Brave Horatio.

Opal’s diary describes her life outside Cottage Grove. Oregon Trail’r is only about 30 miles north. Perfect. We would go on adventures and Brave Horatio would follow along after.

I think it was Bill who said something about actually putting the name on the trailer. Our daughter is an artist and graphic designer. She offered her design skills. Jon and Sawyer had the equipment and were happy to render Sarah’s file into reality. Not only did Brave Horatio have a name, he now shares it with the world.

Lulubelle towing Brave Horatio

I thought I’d be a little embarrassed and a self-conscious flaunting BH’s name, but I’m not. He’s just sweet and cute and isn’t afraid to put himself right out there. I have things to learn from Brave Horatio.

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