Shakedown Cruise

Oly-Bandon-Medford-Oly, March 2018

Bullards Beach State Park

  • Day 1: Meeting Brave Horatio and setting up house
  • Day 2: Whale penises
  • Day 3: Tony’s fish tacos and a trip to the ER with dad
  • Day 4: Simpson Reef and a new birder

Quosatana NFS Campground on the Rogue River

  • Day 5: Vigilant tom turkey and culinary experiments
  • Day 6: Stalked by a turkey

Bruce and Jo’s house

  • Day 7: Crab, rum, and the best in-laws ever
  • Day 8: Tule Lake with coyotes and cranes

Home to Olympia

  • Day 9: Welcoming Brave Horatio home